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This document is not written, or adapted, for people who cannot accept a different view of religion outside what they have been told by their priests, vicars, pastors, … in their churches, temples, mosques, etc. I am far from criticising them as they will criticise me, or for telling them that they are wrong. I am only suggesting them not to read this document, as it is not based on blind faith, but on knowledge of the past, and its evolution until now.

On the opposite those who can read something different, even if they do not agree with it, will found that the history of religions is not necessarily what we have been told to believe. They will also find that our predecessors, those living at the beginning of the Christian era or even before, had different opinions on the subject, and that they were able to express them in very intelligent ways.

Mystery Schools, Paganism, and Gnosticism have always been described as primitive religions by the official modern churches. This document aims to put them in full light, leaving the reader to form his own opinion based on facts, not propaganda.

This study is not directed to one religion only but is supposed to apply to all of them, both in existence and older. However it contains much more information and discussions on Christianity. This is only due to the limited knowledge of the author.