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1 USA and Canada

It is, of course, difficult, if not impossible, to foresee the future of the Native Americans and the native American movement –both in Canada and in the USA.

However based on the past history one must admit that the future does not look very good.

It is more or less certain that the native Americans will integrate more and more in the normal American/Canadian way of life and that, in a not too distant future, the Indian reserves will loose a lot of their inhabitants. The young Indians want to be educated, earn money and social respect and for this they must integrate the system.

Of course some will remain on the reservations mainly those with social problems :lack of education and that means difficulty to find good jobs, alcohol and drugs addictions and lack of ambition. For these people, staying on the reservations where they receive state money, will remain their way of life.

Those who have been able to use the facilities offered by the reserves, especially their tax free status will also remain. Among them are those who built and ran casinos, hotels and tourists resorts.

The other will integrate within the system and soon will become part of it.

However a certain number –including some intellectuals- will try to preserve the traditions of their race. However their task will become more and more difficult as their number will decrease together with their influence.