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A.4 The Prieuré de Sion

Godefrey of Bouillon, pictured in a fresco fro...
Godefrey of Bouillon (Wikipedia)

Godefroi de Bouillon founded the Prieuré de Sion, known also as Order De Sion, in 1099 in Jerusalem. It was created so that Muslims, Jews, and others could be allied to the Christian Order of the Knight Templars. Until 1188 Templars and Prieuré de Sion shared the same Grand Master. After that date the Order de Sion was restructured and led its own way in the defence of the Merovingian lineage in France, whereas the Templars were supporting the emergence of the Stuart dynasty in Britain. The two organisations worked together as they were interested in the same root bloodline. (4)

The “Prieuré de Sion” was initially a secret organisation within the Order of the Templars. Their original name and organisation are mentioned in a charter of 1152 and in a fourteenth-century copy of a parchment of 1178. It was founded under the name of “Order de Sion” and took the name of “Priory of Sion” later on in 1188. The separation of the Order de Sion from the Templar Order is said to have occurred in that same year in a legendary episode known as “The Splitting of the Elm” at Gisors, France. (2)

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