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15.3 Controversy in Recent Times

The controversy continues to this day, mainly in the USA, with the mainstream scientific consensus on the origins and evolution of life challenged by creationist organizations and religious groups who uphold some form of creationism (usually young earth creationism, creation science, old earth creationism or Intelligent Design) as an alternative. Many mainstream churches and many scientists, consider science and religion to be separate categories of thought, which ask fundamentally different questions about reality and posit different avenues for investigating it.

More recently, the Intelligent Design movement has taken an anti-evolution position which avoids any direct appeal to religion. Scientists argue that Intelligent design does not represent any research program within the mainstream scientific community, and is essentially creationism. Its leading proponent, the Discovery Institute, made widely publicised claims that it was a new science, though the only paper arguing for it published in a scientific journal was accepted in questionable circumstances and quickly disavowed with the Biological Society of Washington stating that it did not meet the journal’s scientific standards.