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G.3.1 First or Entered Apprentice Degree

The precedent introduction should help us to understand the meaning and the purpose of the Opening of the Lodge in the First Degree, and to indicate the conditions and the spiritual atmosphere that should exist when the Lodge is open for this Degree. If there is a real Opening in the sense indicated previously, and not a mere ceremonial one, there is no doubt that the atmosphere will have a strong impact on the candidate who enters seeking initiation and spiritual advancement. If he is a worthy candidate, well prepared in his heart and a seeker for the light, it is evident that the atmosphere will impress and awaken his dormant soul-faculties and constitute an initiation and an unforgettable memory. After this experience his mind will become more receptive to the doctrine of the Craft as taught by his Brethren during his initiation. On the opposite if he is an unworthy candidate, or if he is not properly prepared, the atmosphere and the conditions will be distasteful to him, and he will wish to withdraw in order not to repeat this experience.

The Closing of the First Degree is the opposite process of the Opening, meaning the relaxing of the internal energy and the return of the mind to its normal level. The Master of the Lodge will now express gratitude for the Divine favours and perceptions received while the Lodge was open. He will also remind the presents to keep the book of the heart closed, and lay aside the use of its jewels until the Lodge is open again since silence and secrecy are essential to the gestion and growth of the inward man.