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7.7 Reaction from other Creationist Groups

Not all creationist organizations have embraced the “Intelligent Design Movement”. Hugh Ross of “Reasons to Believe”, a proponent of “Old Earth Creationism”, believes that the efforts of Intelligent Design proponents to divorce the concept from Biblical Christianity make its hypothesis too vague.

Likewise, two of the most prominent “Young Earth Creationism” organizations in the world have attempted to distinguish their views from Intelligent Design. Henry M. Morris of the “Institute for Creation Research” (ICR) wrote, in 1999, that ID, “even if well-meaning and effectively articulated, will not work! The reason it won’t work is because it is not the Biblical method”. According to Morris: “The evidence of Intelligent Design… must be either followed by, or accompanied, by a sound presentation of true Biblical creationism if it is to be meaningful and lasting.” In 2002, Carl Wieland of “Answers in Genesis” (AiG) criticized design advocates who, though well-intentioned, “left the Bible out of it” and thereby unwittingly aided and abetted the modern rejection of the Bible.