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4.3 Future

It is impossible to foresee what the Mystery Schools of the future will be or if there will be any. Sects with a special purpose, be it religion or anything else like free sexual experiences, sado-masochism, etc. will continue to exist. Their number could increase due to the declining attraction of the official religions that are unable, or unwilling, to adapt themselves to the changing world. Due to the general growing wealth, at least in the western world, many people have all the material goods and wealth that they need, wish, or require. As a result, they will try to satisfy their non-material needs, in particular, the spiritual needs normally dealt with by the organised religions. Natural leaders will take the opportunity, and fill the vacuum left by the various churches, creating sects that will attract the people with some unfulfilled spiritual needs. And this will not necessarily be good for the people concerned, or for the society as a whole.