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8.12 Progressive Creationism

Progressive creationism is the religious belief that God created new forms of life gradually, over a period of hundreds of millions of years. As a form of Old Earth creationism, it accepts mainstream geological and cosmological estimates for the age of the Earth. However it believes that the new “kinds” of plants and animals that have appeared successively over the planet’s history represent instances of God directly intervening to create those new types by means outside the realm of science.

8.12.1 Modern progressive creationism

Progressive creationism is distinct from theistic evolution, in that God is seen to regularly involve himself in the process of species development.

Proponents of the Progressive creation theory include astronomer-turned-apologist Hugh Ross, whose organization, “Reasons To Believe”, accepts the scientifically determined age of the Earth but seeks to disprove Darwinian evolution. “Answers in Creation” is another organization, set up in 2003, which supports progressive creationism.

8.12.2 Interpretation of Genesis

Some progressive creationists accept a literal interpretation of Genesis, such as Day-Age creationism, and believe that the Earth is significantly older than 6,000 years. Other progressive creationists reject a literalist approach to Genesis chapter 1, and prefer interpretative options such as the literary framework view. The majority of progressive creationists would contend that Noah’s flood was a regional rather than global event.