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B.5.3 The “Antients” Grand Chapter

After the appearance of the premier Grand Chapter the “Antients” felt that they had to do something too, even if they did not think necessary to have a separate control authority of the Royal Arch. They created their own Grand Chapter in 1771, but it was only a nominal body that depended entirely of the Grand Lodge. It did not really meet until 1783 but afterwards it took its own course and even the “Antients” Brethren, like the “Moderns”, joined their chapter to be exalted to the Royal Arch Degree instead of receiving it, as was still possible, from their lodge. However the Grand Lodge of the “Antients” and their Grand Chapter were, in all respect, one organisation only.

No specific rules for the Royal Arch were made by the “Antients” Grand Lodge in the Constitutions (Ahiman Rezon) of 1756 and 1778. However it was stated that the Master of any lodge could decide that his lodge, at it was, was also a chapter and, as such, could exalt their Brethren to the Royal Arch Degree. In 1783 the “Antients” Grand Lodge requested a register of all Excellent Royal Arch Masons, lodge by lodge. In 1794-95 they rewrote the rules and regulations to unify the rituals and procedures of the Royal Arch. There is no evidence that the “Antients” Grand Chapter did anything towards the Union of 1813. Their Grand Lodge did all the work.

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