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3.5.1 The Vatican

On the site of the Vatican, the centre of the present day Roman Catholic Church, stood once a Pagan Temple. Here, at that time, Pagan priests observed sacred ceremonies:

  • They worshipped another godman, who like Jesus, was born on 25 December with 3 shepherds witnessing the event
  • Their god, like Jesus, was said to have ascended to Heaven and to have promised to come back at the end of time to judge the dead and still alive
  • Here, where the Pope celebrates the Catholic mass, these ancients priests also celebrated a symbolic meal of bread and wine in memory of their saviour who said: “He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation”.

These are only a small part of the similarities between the Pagan myth and the story of Jesus. If we compare Jesus and Osiris-Dionysus we find that:

  • Osiris-Dionysus is God made of flesh, the Saviour and “Son of God”
  • His Father is God and his mother a mortal virgin. He is born in a cave, in front of 3 shepherds on December 25
  • His followers are born again through baptism
  • He turned water into wine at a wedding ceremony
  • He rode into town on a donkey and people wave palm leaves at him
  • He died at Easter as a sacrifice for the sins of the world
  • Once dead, he descended to hell, but on the 3d day he rose from the dead and went up to heaven
  • His followers expected him to come back as a judge at the end of time
  • His death and resurrection are celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine representing his body and blood

The Roman Catholic Church has hid all these similarities; it also destroyed all the Pagan literature in the 3d and 4th centuries AD. Before that, the similarities between the Ancient Mysteries and the Christian religion were well known and accepted by the writers of the first centuries AD. But as Christianity grew, some motifs from Pagan Mysteries were “adopted” by the new religion by their origin was kept a close secret.

Paganism and Christianity are general portrayed as antagonistic, but this is wrong; there are more resemblances than differences because the story of Jesus is not the biography of a historical Messiah, but a myth based on Pagan stories. Christianity is not a new and unique revelation, but a Jewish adaptation of the ancient Pagan Mystery religion. Even Jesus’ teaching is not original, as it had been more or less totally anticipated by Pagan sages.