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4.8 Important Dates

-1118: Foundation of the Order of the Templar
-1307/1312: Trials of the Templars
-1378: Assumed birth date of Christian Rose-Croix
-1484: Assumed date of death of Christian Rose-Croix
-1570: Assumed date of the foundation in Germany of the Brotherhood of the Golden Rose-Croix
-1587/1654: Valentin Andreae, author of “Noces Chymiques” from Christian Rosencreutz
-1604: Discovery of the tomb of Christian Rose-Croix
-1614: Publication of “Fama Fraternitatis”
-1615: Publication of la “Confessio”
-1616: Publication of “Chymique marriage of Christian Rose-Croix”
-1623: Rose-Croix manifesto in Paris
-1654: Death of Valentin Andreae
-1710: Sinceras Renatus publishes the Golden rose-Croix Rules
Birth of Martinès de Pasqually
-1730: Birth of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz
-1738: The Pope Clément VIII condemns the secret societies
-1743: Birth of Louis-Claude de saint Martin and of the Count of Cagliostro
-1750: Willermoz becomes a mason
-1760: Martinès de Pasqually founds, in Toulouse, the Temple of the “Elus Cohens”
-1768: Louis-Claude de saint Martin becomes a mason
-1782: Frederic II of Prussia is initiated Rosicrucian
-1804: Foundation in Paris of the Scottish Rite Ancien and Reformed; its 18th grade is called Knight Rose-Croix
-1858: Birth of Peladan
-1861: Birth of Stanislas de Guaïta
-1865: Foundation in London of the “Societas Rosucruciana in Anglia”
-1888: Foundation by Guaïta of the Kabbalistic Rose-Croix
Foundation of the Golden Dawn
-1890: Foundation, by Peladan, of the Catholic Rose-Croix
-1897: Death of Stanislas de Guaïta
-1905: Aleister Crowley founded the “Astrum Argentinum”
-1909: Spencer Lewis creates the A.M.O.R.C
Max Heindel founds the Rosicrucian Association
-1916: Death of Papus
-1917: Death of Peladan
-1919: Death of Max Heindel
-1947: Death of Crowley