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Fundamentalism is a Protestant way to go on with the intolerance and dogmatic tradition of Literalist Roman Catholic Christianity. The Fundamentalists insist that the Bible, including the Old Testament, is the word of God and, as such, cannot be put in discussion. This attitude goes back to the beginning of the Roman Church in the 2d century AD.


They are the opposite of the fundamentalists as they reject completely traditional Christianity; they see the gospels as the work of human authors and, if only for this reason, they feel free to change it as they wish. As a result some said that Jesus went to India, to Tibet, etc; others said that Jesus was married and founded a dynasty of European kings; Jesus was even described as a spaceman. All this, of course, is complete non-sense.


According to the Literalist Hippolytus, each Gnostic had “his own personal Jesus”. But as we know, for the Gnostics Jesus was a mythological figure who appears to all of them in a form appropriate to the individual Gnostic, according to his level of spiritual awareness.
This Gnostic concept that Jesus is a symbolic visionary figure is called docetism. Docetists taught that Jesus is a mutable figure who represents the archetype of the Self and appears in different forms to initiates with different levels of awareness, or understanding. Once the idea of an historical Jesus is left behind, different Jesus are not a problem anymore.