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This expedition took place between  January 21, 1858 to May 12, 1858, in  Comancheria Texas/Oklahoma and resulted in Texas Victory. On one side there were the Texas Rangers, militia and Tonkawa Indians and on the other all bands of Comanche as well as some Kiowa. On the Texas side there were approximately 220 men (100 Rangers and 120 Native Americans, 111 of them Tonkawa) and on the other side Between 200-600 depending on source. As for the victims 4 Rangers and 12-16 Tonkawa were killed and on the Comanche had 76 killed and 16 caught and imprisoned.

The Antelope Hills Expedition was a campaign from January or February 1858 to May 1858 by the Texas Rangers and members of other allied Native American tribes against Comanche and Kiowa villages in the Comancheria beginning in Texas, and ending in a series of fights with the Comanche tribe on May 12, 1858 at a place called Antelope Hills by Little Robe Creek, a tributary of the Canadian River in what is now Oklahoma. These hills are also called the “South Canadians,” as they surround the Canadian River. The fighting on May 12, 1858 is often called the Battle of Little Robe Creek.